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Anti hero

The parasite inside me
wont let me in
it pulls me
and its all around

Rewind the ruined history
rake up the same old zero
no matter how you´ll do
just save the anti hero

Silence is always
breaking my heart
your day is flawless
mine is all the time



Well nothing happens
feel its going reckless
all around a passion fades

streets and trades
head down no names
inside is the only place safe

Why dont you bother me
knock on the face
dont put together
just help displace

World of ambition
we came across the failure
all will run like ants
through the sugar walkway


Insect Light Show

Bugs are floating
their lungs are soaking water
its pumping inside my body
scatter scatter from the shower

Insect light show, Insect light show
Very scary, very scary

At night
lights are terrifying
Muffled excitement to blend
touch me I touch you
i need you i´d hold you
There´s nothing nothing else to wear

Insect tears for insect fears



Hey whats your problem you Billy Corgan
they just dont like you
About madona a new persona
we breed the fire

could bring me higher
you bring me HIGH

One thing you ought to remeber
dont forget to call the girl the next day

Hey what´s the news
im bloody poor im fucking dull
about Winona, im about to phone her
we breeed the fire

Somebody to heal

I just want somebody to heal
All i need are lips to feel
the heat of someone else´s body
to make me forget the pain she caused me
she hates me
so i´ll crave the same

i dont know why she didnt belive me
can´t i just pretend or simply leave it
i have to forget im lonely
i have to forget she didnt want it
she hates it
then i´ll crave the same

Once i have lost all my hope
Now i´ve lost my mind again
She may think that im really lying but im not like all the men
I´ll try to survive
And cure those blured eyes
just dont ask me to understand somebody´s heart

please dont ask me to understand you